Open Up My Eager Eyes

Jul 16

Vendata is the Monarch’s father.

We found out this season that the Monarch’s parents knew the original Dr. Venture from the photograph the Monarch found in Rusty’s photo album (‘Sphinx Rising’). In season one, the Monarch said his parents died in a plane crash in the Pine Barrens when he was 8 (‘Dia de los Dangerous!’).

From this episode, we find out about Councilman #5 #1, AKA Vendata, AKA Venturion. Vendata’s OSI profile lists that he was built around 1976 for the Matchless Mercenary Project, created for ‘military and domestic excellence’ (the Bicentennial Man) for which he was stripped of his human personality and former self by Dr. Jonas Venture, Sr. The project was shuttered after Venturion attempted to strangle Rusty Venture.

After being stripped of his costume/helmet later in the episode by Brock Samson, a disoriented Vendata says: “Where is my wife? Have you - honey! Does not compute. Does not comp- who am I? I think the plane is going down.”

And with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch being interviewed for a spot on the Council of Thirteen at the end of the episode, does that mean Vendata can no longer function and is off the Council?

I don’t know if this will be relevant in the season finale next week, but this is definitely a super interesting development they’ll hopefully explore in season six.

EDIT: Internet consensus says Vendata’s Councilman #1.

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